Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Hours

caffe d'bolla will be CLOSED
on Monday 12/31
and Tuesday 1/1 
We will OPEN on Wednesday.
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Hours

caffe d'bolla will be CLOSED
on Monday 12/24
and Tuesday 12/25

We will OPEN on Wednesday.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Kenya Nyeri AB Gatomboya

Roasted, and ready for the holidays!

We've been roasting many wonderful Single Origin Coffees for the shop and people are getting them for themselves and for their loved ones as gift! This morning John roasted our first batch of Kenya Nyeri AB Gatomboya, and people are loving it already!

Gatomboya is a small washing station aligned with a particular "society" which is what they call cooperatives in Kenya. This is part of the same group as Gaturiri, which we sold about a moth ago. Our buyer purchased this coffee direct so they would not risk missing it at auction. This coffee was shipped vacuum sealed from Kenya to protect it against moisture on the long voyage.

In the cup it's tangy peach, nectarine, and orange, with red grapefruit as it cools. Clove, cocoa and honey sweetness join to present an amazingly sweet and balanced cup. Outstanding!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guatemala Finca Rosma

Another batch of the Guatemala Finca Rosma is ready! It's currently available Whole Bean, and also on the siphon menu.

Finca Rosma is a small farm in Huehuetenango. It is owned by the Rosales family and named after their grandmother, Rosmarie. The farm is at 1900 meters, and they use traditional fermentation and wet milling. This farm placed #2 in the 2010 Cup of Excellence and consistently produces an amazing coffee.

In the cup it's red plum and cinnamon notes up front with sweet vanilla and light toasted almond. As it begins to cool, red apple, sweet ripe cheery emerges and a butter mouthfeel dominates the cup. Amazing!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Panama - Duncan Estate

A wonderful Panama just came out of the roaster!

Duncan Estate is a third generation organic certified coffee farm above the town of Boquete in Northern Panama. The coffees are prepared by Ricardo, the owner, and taken to sun dry on raised patio beds. The diverse micro-climate above Jaramillo is also a factor in producing such a complex and flavorful offering.

In the cup it's juicy tart red fruit and prune with hints of mandarin sweetness on a bed of creme caramel. One of our favorites!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ethiopia Bedele Sota Cooperative

Just bagged: Ethiopia Bedele Sota Cooperative.

Sota cooperative lies just outside Bedele town in Ethiopia's Western most province of Illubabor. It is part of a new initiative our buyer helped set up. It is a non-governmental program that consists of both agronomists and financial advisers to help train for more efficient business and farming practices. It has been a very successful program. It has led to excellent coffees they have been able to sell for 3 to 4 times the price they had been previously.

In the cup it's date, fig, and black currant up front with hints of tamarind and a soft raisin and red honey sweetness. Exceptional!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nicaragua Finca La Tormenta

Fresh out of the roaster we have Nicaragua Finca La Tormenta!

La Tormenta is a small 7 hectre farm located near the region of Las Manos, near the northwest border of Nicaragua. It is owned and run by Francisco Irene Olivera, his wife, and their four children. La Tormenta placed 5th in last year's Cup of Excellence.

In the cup it's elements of blackberry, grape, and honey wheat sweetness. Huckleberry emerges as it cools. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Colombia Vereda Pedregal

Another wonderful coffee just came out of the roaster! Colombia Vereda Pedregal is being bagged right now and is available Whole Bean at the shop.

This coffee comes from the Pedgregal farmer group. Coffees through this coop organize groups by town, and this is from the home base - those towns directly surrounding Pedgregal. This welection comes from hundreds of samples, and is primarily Caturra with a little Bourbon and Typica in the mix.

In the cup it's sweet and silky smooth grape, green apple, and lime with cocoa powdered highlights and candied walnut aromatics. A remarkable cup.

Kenya Nyeri Gaturiri Peaberry

John has been roasting Single Origins since we came back from Seoul, and trying to fill the shelves with fresh roasted coffee has been keeping us busy (and happy!)

One of the coffees that is flying off the shelves is Kenya Nyeri Gaturiri Peaberry.

Gaturiri is a cooperative wet mill located in the heart of Nyeri. This was the most expensive coffee for our buyer out of Kenya this year. A higher price was paid to purchase directly from the cooperative in order to secure it rather than taking a chance it would be sold out at auction. This coffee was a favorite in 2010 and 2011. This year's cup is phenomenal.

In the cup it's sweet, bright, and fruited. Red currant, black cherry, and raspberry with grape and red apple sweetness emerging as it cools. Excellent!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Roasting Roasting Roasting

John has been roasting coffee since we came back from our trip. We've also been keeping our "coffee bagging station" busy. Here are a few coffees that we just put out:

Costa Rica Finca Salaca - las Brisas: Concord grape, apple, and blackberry.

Nicaragua Acopio Suyatal: Malt, ginger, caramel, chocolate, and grape.

Kenya Nyeri Gaturiri Peaberry: Raspberry, red currant, black cherry, grape and red apple.

These are delicious! Come try it on the siphon, or get a bag and make your own at home today! 

And to get updates on what caffe d'bolla is offering, remember to find us on twitter and facebook.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Costa Rica Finca Salaca - Las Brisas

Fresh out of the roaster, and already flying off the shelf at the shop: Costa Rica Finca Salaca - Las Brisas.

Beneficio Las Brisas micro mill was opened this year by Maria Elena Castro and her son. They had previously been delivering coffee cherries from their farm, Finca salaca, to Helsar de Zarcero for processing. The farm, Finca Salaca, is planted almost entirely with Villalobos, a local varietal, and Caturra. The coffees are all mechanically washed by hand and sun-dried on raised beds.

In the cup it's concord grape merging into juicy red apple, blackberry and black cherry as it cools. Delicious!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Guatemala Antigua - Finca La Folie

Fresh out of the roaster: Guatemala Antigua - Finca La Folie. Available Whole Bean at caffe d'bolla right now.

Finca La Folie is a small 91 acre farm in Antigua owned by Penny Matheu. It's at a high elevation of 5200 feet, which lends to the natural sweetness in the coffee. The farm is managed by Don Julio Valencia, who lives on the farm and whose plantings are organized in a classic Antigua fashion.

In the cup it's green apple fading into red apple and ripe cherry sweetness with a touch of black tea. Light brown sugar and toffee essence. A perfect example of a top drawer Antigua coffee.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Burundi Sogestal Kirimiro

A new batch of Burundi Sogestal Kirimiro just roasted!

This coffee comes from the washing station, Sogestal, which is located at just over 1900 meters, and is the highest elevation in Burundi. This was ranked as one of the top 5 washing stations in Burundi based on coffee quality, ecology, and Coop management. Perhaps the best Burundi of the year.

In the cup it's apple and juicy pear notes with a honey and a creamy caramel-butterscotch background.

Delicious. Come get yours today!

chocolate chunk muffins

The chocolate chunk muffins are back!

Try one next time you're in!

Monday, November 05, 2012

El Salvador Finca Siberia - Bourbon

We've featured this wonderful Single Origin coffee from Finca Siberia a few times, and here it comes again... the 3rd and final batch of the season, fresh out of the roaster at caffe d'bolla: El Salvador Finca Siberia - Bourbon.

This coffee is a 100% Bourbon offering from one of the best, most prolific coffee areas in Santa Ana. This 4th generation farm sits at 1450 meters and is run by the Silva family. The name Siberia refers to the chaotic weather at this altitude and inaccessibility of the farm in the past. This coffee has placed in the Cup of Excellence several times. Consistently amazing.

In the cup it's nut and malt sweetness with soft orange accents. Marzipan notes as it cools. A fantastic Bourbon.

The Selective Echo write-up on espresso at caffe d'bolla

John and caffe d'bolla's espresso was featured in The Selective Echo, a blog of Salt Lake City and its cosmopolitan best!

Thanks Les for this wonderful write-up. You can read the article "At caffe d'bolla, the quest for great espresso blends always open ended" from 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Costa Rica Tarrazu - Finca La Ortiga Microlot

Yiching says - oh it's been exactly a month since we last updated the blog. There have been so many wonderful coffees that John's roasting and offering at caffe d'bolla. Will be more diligent in terms of blogging about them (hopefully.)

One of the coffees that John just roasted is Costa Rica Tarrazu - Finca La Ortiga Microlot. It's available Whole Bean right now.

This microlot is brought to us by way of El Alumbre, a plot within the much larger Finca La Ortiga. This particular plot is situated at 1800 meters in the micro-region of Colpachi El Guarco. Beneath the shady canopy of banana trees, farmer Omar Brenes Fallas has planted El Alumbre with a mix of Caturra and Catuai, both high-yielding cultivars, maximizing the potential harvest of this small-holder farm.

Malted honey, silky sweet mandarin orange, lingering green tea finish. Crystalline clean and refined.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ethiopia Nano Challa "Eid Al Adha"

Just roasted and available Whole Bean at caffe d'bolla!

This particular lot of Nano Challa was processed during the "Eid Al-Adha" holiday week, or "Festival of Sacrifice". The holiday commemorates the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael. Nano Challa is i the Gera Woreda, with farm altitudes between 1900 to 2100 meters. The Nano Challa Cooperative is part of an initiative our buyer has in Ethiopia to work direct at the coop level. The non-government organization coordinates agronomists and managers for each of the coops, and also has a business adviser assigned that helps the coop manage their debt, re-invest in quality improvements at the mill, and verifies distribution of income to all members.

In the cup it's fruited white honey with kumquat, pomelo, and melon. Hints of cherry, toffee, and hazelnut as it cools. A testament to an excellent farm relationship.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Yemen Mokha Harasi

This is our first Yemen offering of the season! Yemen Mokha Harasi. 

Harasi is a coffee from the district adjacent to Ismaili, and in fact they merge to some degree. All the coffee here is grown on terraces, since little land exists that is flat, except for the lowland deserts. The coffee is hauled up remarkably steep slopes, carried in small amounts, most often by donkey. Local buyers receive coffee in the pod, the entire dried cherry, and that is stored, usually in underground caverns! It's an amazing process, and unlike any other.

In the cup it's macadamia and brazil nut with turkish apricot and peaches, as it cools fig, raspberry, and tamarind with hints of tangy rhubarb sweetness. An experience in flavor.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day

caffe d'bolla is CLOSED on Labor Day. We will OPEN on Tuesday.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Rwanda Nyamasheke Karengera

First batch at caffe d'bolla: Rwanda Nyamasheke Karengera.

Karengera is a coffee washing station in southwestern Rwanda. The town and mill of Karengera is in the Nyamasheke district that lies near Lake Kivu, and the borders of Burundi and Congo. There have been many top lots from the washing stations in this area, and this was a favorite of our buyer when he was there for this harvest.

In the cup it's honey, caramel, and macadamia with tart and sweet highlights throughout. A wonderful Rwanda offering!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guatemala Finca La Florencia

Just roasted and bagged a batch of Guatemala Finca La Florencia!

La Florencia is a 6th generation family farm located on the fringe of the Santa Elena Barrias zone. Much of Florencia is planted with Bourbon, the cultivar that originated from the island of the same name, and Caturra. While Bourbon lots are typical, this one contains both cultivars, simply for the reason that this is what the owner offered.

In the cup it's apricot and raisin with caramelized sugar notes, and hints of bittersweet chocolate and almond skins. A balanced carnival of flavors.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ethiopia - Saris Abaya DP

Fresh out of the roaster, and available Whole Bean at caffe d'bolla: Ethiopia - Saris Abaya DP.

Saris Abaya is a coffee from one processing station in the Guji zone of the Sidama region. Coffees from these southern areas of Sidama have a unique flavor profile and the slightly drier climate lends itself to natural coffees like this. This coffee had extra sorting performed on the raised beds to remove unripes. We paid a large premium over conventional dry-processed coffees from the Guji area for the extra hand labor to prepare this lot.

The flavors are amazing - peach, apricot, raspberry, strawberry, with hints of nut and cocoa. A treasure with every sip!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Nicaragua Dipilito Cielo Azul

Just roasted and bagged: Nicaragua Dipilito Cielo Azul.

Cielo Azul, which means "blue sky", is a 15 hectare farm in the El Volcan region of Dipilito, Nicaragua. This is from a farm run by Hector Martin Castellanos, and is planted in Caturra and Bourbon varietals. It is from the growing region that produces more top coffees in Nicaragua than any other.

In the cup it's honey, and butterscotch, with hints of toasted almond and a touch of milk chocolate.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Rwanda Nkanka Kinyaga

New on the siphon, and also available Whole Bean at caffe d'bolla right now: Rwanda Nkanka Kinyaga.

Kinyaga is a cooperative coffee washing station located in the Nkanka area of Rusizi, Western Rwanda. With this lot, the farmer received 64% of the price paid, which, when you consider the dry-milling, transport, and export costs, is a higher stake than we have been in many places. That's sustainable agriculture in a broader sense of the term.

In the cup it's peach and a dry hoppy-ale-like presence with a light brown sugar sweetness and berry aromatics. Clean. Snappy. Pure pleasure in a cup.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Costa Rica San Martin de Leon Cortes

Just in, and fresh out of the roaster - Costa Rica San Martin de Leon Cortes.

San Martin de Leon Cortes is a small village on a high ridge, and not located on any official map. It is situated on along a part-paved and part-dirt road in the famed Tarrazu coffee-groing region of Costa Rica. This coffee is sourced from small producers in the area and processed at a nearby mill that has prepared some of our nicest lots in years past. So it's the best of both worlds for coffee quality; a great source for coffee cherries, and great processing and patio-drying.

In the cup it's winey fruits from cherry to berry, hints of apple and floral notes with a clean and sweet caramel essence. Silky. Sweet. Super.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Sumatra Toba Batak Peaberry

Just in! Fresh roasted and ready -- Sumatra Toba Batak Peaberry.

This is a peaberry preparation of a specific Lintong area coffee. Lintong coffes are farmed by the Batak peoples that are the indigenous tribe that works the coffee in the area. The family of collectors our buyer sources this lot from works direct with the small growers, bypassing the local markets, which results in a higher quality cup.

In the cup it's plum, dark malt, and cinnamon with a caramelized sugar sweetness and hints of black tea in the finish. A spectacularly complex cup.

Guatemala Antigua - Retana Red Bourbon

NEW at caffe d'bolla -- Guatemala Antigua -Retana Red Bourbon.

Finca Retana is a very traditional farm in central Antigua situated at 1550 meters on the valley floor. They have a small portion planted in Yellow Bourbon cultivar, but this year we're offering their Red Bourbon coffee. Bourbon coffees are named after an island in the India Ocean, now called Reunion. Bourbon coffees tend to ripen earlier than other cultivars, and have a balanced flavor profile with moderate acidity when cupped with other types planted in the same spot.

Fuji apple, Asian pear, apricot, and plum, with a malty sweet body and toffee as it cools. Sweet and snappy!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a passion flower

A friend of the shop, Carly, brought a flower for us the other day. She told us it was a "Passion Flower."

It was so beautiful. We had never seen anything like it.

Carly said this passion flower was from the garden of one of her friends'. It was grown in Utah. Wow!

The passion flower closed itself up after a day, but it was still beautiful...

Thanks, Carly!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Papua New Guinea - Tairora Smallholders

We've been roasting all morning! One of the coffees that just came out of the roaster is Papua New Guinea - Tairora Smallholders. This is also the first time we feature this coffee at caffe d'bolla!

Tairora Smallholder coffee is a project from the Baroida Plantation, located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The Colbran Family grows and processes their own coffee from the Baroida Estate, which we sell under that name, as well as buying coffee cherry direct from smallholder farmers in the area. Some of these are communities that the Colbrans have worked with for years, and other walk to the Baroida mill to sell their coffee fruit because they offer a premium price. These farmers can have as few as 100 trees, and produce only handfuls of coffee cherry at a time.

In the cup it's jammy berry fruited sweetness with pear and apple highlights, and hints of wildflowers. An elegant cup.

July 24th

caffe d'bolla will be CLOSED on July 24th.

We will be back and OPEN on July 25th.

Have a safe and happy holiday!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Espresso: Ethiopia Sidama - Deri Kochoha

We started a new Single Origin Espresso today. It's Ethiopia Sidama - Deri Kochoha.

This Single Origin offering if from the Deri Kochoha washing station in Oromia, south of Yirga Cheffe. Some 600 farmer-members contribute to this lot, where it undergoes traditional hand-sorting and raised bed drying. their skill and attention to detail has given us an excellent coffee to work with. This coffee was roasted to three separate profiles and post-blended to increase depth and complexity in the cup.

In the cup it's layered apricot, peach, and orange blossom notes up front with a toffee-caramel candy sweetness, and a smooth and lasting cocoa finish. Bomb diggity good!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brazil Mogiana - Dry Process Peaberry

Fresh out of the roaster: Brazil Moginana - Dry Process Peaberry.

This coffee is a peaberry lot from Mogiana in the Sul de Minas region. This lot consists of two cultivars - Bourbon and Mundo Nova. This peaberry lot was separated during the dry milling process after sorting and patio drying.

In the cup it's toasted almond and warm nut tones and light cocoa, with a clean red apple finish and just a touch of sarsparilla. A crowd pleaser.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Espresso - Eddie's Fat Guitar

Testing and tasting the new espresso.

We just started pulling Eddie's Fat Guitar espresso, and it's also available Whole Bean as of now!

This rich and vibrant espresso is as thick as poundcake with an eruption of flavor that's sure to keep Jamie cryin' for more. A three bean blend of coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Papua New Guinea that texture tones on your tongue.

In the cup it's cinnamon spice, orange peel, and rockin' rootbeer notes, with brown sugar and honey sweetness. Yeah!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Papua New Guinea - Baroida Plantation

Just bagged some Papua New Guinea - Baroida Plantation.

The Baroida Plantation was founded by Ben Colbran in the 1960s. Ben first purchased the land from a native man named Taro and they were amongst the first people to cultivate crops in these valleys. This lot was picked and produced at the farm, and the ability to control the quality of the coffee shows in the cup.

In the cup it's apple and warm cinnamon spice with a fruited aromatics, hints of honey and nutmeg. Spice and orange peel notes as it cools. Tasty!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

4th of July

caffe d'bolla will be CLOSED on July 4th.
We will resume regular business hours on July 5th.
Have a happy and safe holiday!

Monday, July 02, 2012

peach cakey dessert

Yiching says -- 

I've been experimenting baking different treats and desserts for the shop. These days I like to make little cakey dessert in ramekins. This one is "peach cakey dessert" (served with whipped cream.) 

Try it next time you see them!

Ethiopia Chelelektu Yirga Cheffe

On the siphon right now we have Ethiopia Chelelektu Yirga Cheffe. 

This lot was produced by about 600 small holder farmers and prepared to grade one standards. It was processed at the Teklu Dembel washing station near the town of Che'elelek'tu in the Kochere Woreda of Yirga Cheffe.

In the cup it's tangerine, apple, and grape, with caramel and honey body and jasmine floral highlights. Aromatics from bergamot to berry. Huge thumbs up!

Ethiopia Sidama Deri Kochoha

Fresh out of the roaster: Ethiopia Sidama Deri Kochoha. It's available on the siphon, and also as Whole Bean coffee (as of now.)

This lot of Sidama region coffee comes from Deri Kochoha station. The station has approximated 600 contributing farmers, and produces approximately 2 containers per year. They use a traditional pulping, fermentation, and drying methods to produce an exceptionally sweet and clean coffee.

In the cup it's fig, buttery brown sugar and cinnamon notes right off the bat with a black tea finish. As it cools, hints of wheat bread come through and the flavors change to Meyer lemon and soft citrus notes with warm caramel and orange blossom highlights.

Layered. Complex. Sweet. A favorite of 2012!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ethiopia Gera Jimma Nano Challa

Fresh out of the roaster: Ethiopia Gera Jimma Nano Challa.

This coffee from Nano Challa Cooperative is part of a new initiative we have in Ethiopia to work direct at the coop level. A cooperative can make all kinds of quality improvements, turn out fantastic coffee, and sink deeper in debt all the while. Cooperatives often fail to return a fair and full amount of payment to their farmer-members. Often this is from poor management, and sometimes from graft as well. With this lot we can verity that the great price we paid will result in a fair distribution of funds, a better managed coop, investment in the mill, and even better coffee next year!

In the cup it's sweet, light, and juicy peach notes with hints of apricot and red current. Honey and jasmine floral notes throughout. Light and sweet.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Espresso - Percy Butterfield's Exciting Journey

Currenly our espresso On Tap, and also available Whole Bean at caffe d'bolla is Percy Butterfield's Exciting Journey!

This adventurous espresso starts with a peaberry from the fantastic family owned Finca Matalapa in El Salvador, this has been joined by two other special selections - Java Kopi Sunda and Ethiopia Haro Sana. Each coffee is roasted separately and post-blended to capture the best flavor and complexity.

In the cup it's malt and almond notes, candied red fruit and buttery caramel sweetness. An amazing finish of cinnamon and apricot complete the cup. An espresso lover's espresso!

Last Java Kopi Sunda This Year

This is the last batch of greens of Java Kopi Sunda we have at caffe d'bolla this year. Come grab a bag of this phenomenal coffee while it's still available!

This is the second yea of a small-yet-ambitious project in Western Java - to build an outpost in the oldest coffee growing region in Java, work with the local farmers, and wet-process the coffee in tiny batches to high standards. This current lot was rigorously hand sorted with local labor from the community. It drove up the cost of the coffee, but resulted in a better cup, and is the spirit of this project to improve coffee and community in the area!

This is distinctive in flavor form all other Java coffee. All Java coffee sold in the U.S. is from Eastern Java.

In the cup it's semi-sweet chocolate, raisin, red apple, and a wonderful tamarind note. The fruited aromatics add a depth and complexity unlike any other Java coffee. An amazing cup.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ecuador Organic Espindola Small Producers

Lots of coffee roasting at caffe d'bolla right now!

bagging coffee.

Fresh out of the roaster: Ecuador Organic Espindola Small Producers.

This microlot blend is the result of an effort to raise the quality, and price on Ecuador coffee. Our buyer has been working with a local cooperative, ProcafeQ, for the past three years. They now have the opportunity to identify special microllots and buy carefully produced wet-process lots, or to build a blend from lots too small to export (like this lot). The Espindola lots were from producers who had distinctive coffees but were too small to export, some less than a single bag. So we combined the best to form the Espindola region lot.

In the cup it's a sweet caramelized sugar background with hints of sweet vanilla, floral, and light tangerine. Sweet and sublime.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ethiopia - Pulp Natural Limu

Yiching says --

Just realized we haven't been blogging much... Note To Self: MUST do so more frequently!


Fresh out of the roaster at caffe d'bolla: Ethiopia - Pulp Natural Limu. 

This is a very clean tasting pulp natural process Limu area coffee from the mysteriously-named Helen Gebrenigus exporter. With a pulp natural, the cherry comes in from the farms and is pulped (skin removed) immediately. It is then laid directly onto raised beds. It must be distributed in a thin layer and turned often, especially in the initial days of drying. This coffee was from a private farm and then traded through the ECX. 

In the cup it's peach, mango, apricot up front, with a honey sweetness and coriander and lemongrass highlights. Yum!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Select Single Origin Subscription

Coffee ready to be shipped out.

Do you know caffe d'bolla has a Select Single Origin Subscription program? Shipping is included in the price of your subscription. It's a wonderful gift for yourself or for a loved one!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day

caffe d'bolla will be CLOSED on Memorial Day.

We will OPEN on Tuesday.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sumatra Lintong Tano Batak

Fresh out of the roaster and available Whole Bean right now... Sumatra Lintong Tano Batak!

Lingtong coffees are farmed by the Batak peoples that are the indigenous tribe that works the coffee in this area. Tano Batak, which simply means "Land of Batak" is a coffee that is carefully prepared and sorted again in  Medan to the highest standards. The Tano Batak project is sourced from a family of Batak collectors in Lintong, known for their long-term, direct relationships with the small-scale farmers.

In the cup it's clove, molasses, sweet wood and hints of pepper spice. Malty and brownie-like chocolate in the cup. Sweet and sumptuous, a textural delight on the palate.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ethiopia - Haro Sana Cooperative

On the siphon today we have Ethiopia - Haro Sana Cooperative!

Haro Sana is in the Agaro area of Jimma. Haro Sana is part of an initiative in Ethiopia our buyer has to work direct with the farmers at the cooperative level. The program is run by a non-government agency that helps to maintain and improve soil and plant quality, and reinvest in milling and coffee infrastructure as well as verify income and distribution to all members.

In the cup it's juicy candied fruit notes, sweet buttery caramel, and almond, with red fruit and soft creamy notes emerging as it cools. Astounding!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bolivia Cenaproc Cooperative

One of the coffees we have on the siphon today is Bolivia Cenaproc Copperative.

CENAPROC stand for Central Asociados de Productores de Cafe. It was founded in 1992 and now has 171 members farming coffee on 1,185 hectares of forested land. Ceneproc lots have won Bolivian cupping competitions and regularly place in the top of other regional competitive events. 

In the cup it's almond, tamarind, and pear with sweet maltiness. Warm nut and cocoa aromatics complete the cup. A pleasurable and balanced coffee.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Burundi Karinzi - Maruri Hill

Just bagged! Available Whole Bean: Burundi Karinzi - Maruri Hill. This is also going to be featured in our Coffee Tasting Class - Basic tonight!

Karinzi is a smallholder coffee coop affiliated with Sogestal Kayanza, located in north Burundi near the Rwanda border. A sogestal is the Burundi entity that oversees regional cooperatives, helping them warehouse and market their coffees. The coop has recently (in 2012) taken profits to buy a new Penagos pulper, and do all the processing themselves. This will help them retain more profit from the sale of their coffee lots, rather than paying for processing fees.

In the cup it's sweet and savory aromatics with fruited apricot and heavy peach sweetness in the forefront. Hints of cola and raisin with a caramelized sugar and toffee flavors in the background. Exceptionally sweet and clean.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brazil Fazenda Santa Mariana

Whole Bean Available at caffe d'bolla right now... Brazil Fazenda Santa Mariana!

Santa Mariana is a family owned farm that dates to the 1800s. The farm is in Carmo da Cachoeira, Sul de Minas. Elevation ranges from 900 - 1200 meters. The farm grows Acaia, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai and Mundo Novo cultivars. Thi slot is a blend of all four cultivars.

In the cup it's almond nut and nut skins with hints of dark malt, and cocoa. Tangerine highlights as it cools. A balanced and delicious Brazil!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Java Kopi Sunda

Fresh out of the roaster, and just bagged... Java Kopi Sunda!

This is the second yea of a small-yet-ambitious project in Western Java - to build an outpost in the oldest coffee growing region in Java, work with the local farmers, and wet-process the coffee in tiny batches to high standards. This current lot was rigorously hand sorted with local labor from the community. It drove up the cost of the coffee, but resulted in a better cup, and is the spirit of this project to improve coffee and community in the area!

This is distinctive in flavor form all other Java coffee. All Java coffee sold in the U.S. is from Eastern Java.

In the cup it's semi-sweet chocolate, raisin, red apple, and a wonderful tamarind note. The fruited aromatics add a depth and complexity unlike any other Java coffee. An amazing cup.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guatemala Huehuetenango - Finca La Maravilla

One of the siphon coffees we're offering at the shop right now is Guatemala Huehuetenango - Finca La Maravilla.

This wonderful coffee is going fast! Maravilla means "the wonder", and it truly it. The farm is in the La Libertad area in the northern part of Huehuetenango. It is a high elevation farm, from 1500 to 1850 meters. The owner, Maruicio Rosales, maintains a beautifully cultivated crop that translates into a phenomenal coffee year after year.

 In the cup it pains flavors all over your palate. Sweet orange, with caramel and toffee notes, and wonderful fruit highlights throughout - cranberry, raisin, and a little light citrus and warm chocolate notes. A mouthful of pleasure in every sip.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Espresso - Walrus and Carpenter

Our espresso On Tap and available Whole Bean right now at caffe d'bolla is Walrus and Carpenter!

This three bean espresso begins with a coffee from Santa Mariana in Brazil. It is complimented by a regional Ethiopia from Alaga Sekala in Jimma and a touch of the remarkable Guatemala Finca Maravilla.

In the cup it's sweet malt, walnut, and cocoa with juicy peach and citrus highlights. Delicious!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Brazil Fazenda Sertao *Auction Lot* Bastiao Nunes - Yellow Bourbon

This coffee is a special microlot from Fazenda Sertao. It's from an auction held by Carmo coffees. The coffee is pure Yellow Bourbon from the Bastiao Nunes block of the farm located at 1300 meters. Nazareth Dias Pereira's farm has been a Cup of Excellence coffee 8 times, which is a testament to the excellence of his coffees. This coffee was vacuum sealed at origin to ensure it arrived as fresh as the auction samples. While this coffee possesses amazing clarity at many roast levels, this batch was roasted to City+ to enjoy sweet and clean flavors rarely tasted in a Brazil coffee.

In the cup it's exceptionally creamy orange and Meyer lemon with a light dusting of cocoa in the middle of the cup. Warm nut and almond skin and warm Pekoe tea as it leaves your tongue. Simply outstanding.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Espresso - Sweet Orchard

weighing and testing espresso.

Our Espresso On Tap right now is Sweet Orchard. It's also available Whole Bean at the shop.

This sweet springtime espresso is an amazing three bean blend. The base of this coffee hails from Flores Bajawa, a small Indonesian island. This is joined with smallholder and estate farm selections from Ethiopia and Guatemala. All coffee were roasted separately and then post-blended to increase the complexity.

In the cup it's mango and smooth caramel with sweet jasmine and apple highlights. A welcome springtime treasure!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Espresso - 1086

NEW! On Tap and available Whole Bean at caffe d'bolla right now: 1086 espresso.

This espresso (ten-eighty-six) is a blend of two small farm coffees from South and Central America. The base of this espresso comes from Santa Mariana in Brazil, and it's highlighted by the always amazing Guatemala Finca Maravilla. Together they create an exceptional cup.

In the cup it's vanilla malt, tangerine, and cocoa, with a raisin-date sweetness. Sweet. Savory. Sensational.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brazil Fazenda do Sertao - Lot 50

Fazenda do Sertao is a 235 hectare farm located in Carmo de Minas at about 1250 meters. This is the farm of Nazareth Dias Pereira. The coffee from this farm has placed 8 times in the Cup of Excellence, including a winning lot this past year. This small farm has a mix of varietals including Bourbon, Acaia, and Icatu. This lot is a masterful blend of the farm's varietals.

In the cup it's hazelnut and macadamia with savory tamari aromatics, malt sweetness and berry highlights. Incredibly clean and complex. Exceptional.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Indonesia Flores Wet-Hull Bajawa

Flores is a small island in the Indonesian archipelago around 200 nautical miles east of Bali. The Bajawa Highlands are one of the most traditional areas of Flores. Bajawa is a small town nestled in the hills and is the centre for the Ngada people of this high, fertile plateau. The coffee is grown between 1150 and 1400 meters, which is a respectable altitude for Indonesian coffee farming.

In the cup it's melon and mango offset by an earthy character, hints of sweet tobacco and a carob and sorghum sweetness in the background. Incredible mouthfeel.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ethiopia Limu Jimma - Alaga Sekala

Alaga Sekala is a cooperative wet mill near Jimma, western Ethiopia. The station is at 1850 meters with most of the coffee coming from 1900-2100 meters. Alaga Sekala Cooperative is part of a new initiative our buyer has in Ethiopia to work direct at the coop level. The program is coordinates, agronomists, managers, and business advisers who help each manage debts, re-invest in quality improvements at the mill, and verify distribution of income to all members. This past year, Alaga Sekala won a cup quality competition among all the coops in the area.

In the cup it's peach and apricot fruit notes with jasmine and raw sugar sweetness. The cup flavors intensify as it cools. Hints of orange peel, increased jasmine sweetness, and hazelnut emerge to complete an exceptionally light and flavorful cup.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Espresso : Mr. Tamarind Man

Our current espresso On Tap and also available on the shelves: Mr. Tamarind Man!

This three bean espresso will jingle-jangle all over your tongue. It starts with a Sumatra from the Northern Lake Toba region, Ethiopia Illubabor, and a sweet Rwanda Kibuye Gitesi.

In the cup it's tamarind and stone fruit with light molasses sweetness and a plum/raisin finish. Cocoa highlights linger on the tongue. Yum!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Rwanda Jomba Vunga

New at caffe d'bolla! Fresh out of the roaster, and currently available Whole Bean: Rwanda Jomba Vunga!

Vunga cooperative is a washing station in Jomba, Nyabihu, Western Rwanda. The Vunga station is at 1463 meters, with coffee coming from the surrounding hills ranging from 1700 to 2100 meters. The area borders the Virunga national forest, which has a healthy mountain gorilla population, and is just a couple hours from the borders of Uganda and DRC.

In the cup it's mandarin orange sweetness with orange zest with hints of spiced apple and cinnamon. A wonderful balance of sweetness and bright fruited cup flavors.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ethiopia Pulp Natural Process Limu

Fresh out of the roaster, and available Whole Bean at caffe d'bolla right now... Ethiopia Pulp Natural Process Limu.

This is a pulp natural process Limu area coffee from the mysteriously-named Helen gebrenigus exporter. This coffee is from a private farm that was then sold through the ECX, so we don't know the exact farm, but we do know it is shade grown, and the cup quality is outstanding.

In the cup it's peach, mango, apricot, with elements of coriander and lemon grass, and a touch of honey sweetness. An amazing find!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guatemala Acatenango - Finca La Soledad

Fresh out of the roaster: Guatemala Acatenango - Finca La Soledad.

Finca La Soledad has been in the Perez family since 1985. It is named in honor of a Perez grandmother, Soledad. The family has built the highest caliber ecologically sound mill, and father and son work the farm, including roasting and cupping to maximize cup quality. A step beyond first class for a coffee farm.

In the cup it's apricot with sweet almond and hazelnut notes, with hints of raisin and warm aromatic spices.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ethiopia Illubabor - Camp Cooperative

Whole Bean Available, and On the Siphon right now: Ethiopia Illubabor - Camp Cooperative.

Camp is in the Illubabor district of western Ethiopia. Camp is part of a new initiative our buyer has to work direct at the coop level. The organization coordinates agronomists and managers for each of the coops, and also has a business adviser that helps each manage their debt, re=invest in quality improvements at the mill, and verifies distribution of income to all members.

In the cup it's peach, almond, and floral notes with hints of cocoa and lemon and a mild cane-sugar sweetness. Another fantastic Ethiopian offering. Winner!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Guatemala Antigua Hacienda Carmona Pulcal

First batch is On Shelf, but almost SOLD OUT! This one is Guatemala Antigua Hacienda carmona Pulcal. Come grab a bag today!

Hacienda Carmona is a third generation farm located in Antigua at 5200-6100 feet altitude. They call the single-farm coffee from Carmona "Cafe Pulcal" which is also the name of their mill. The farm dates to early colonial times, but coffee was planted in the 1800s when the farm was acquired by the Zelaya family, and first exported in 1918. Carmona has been run by Maria Zelaya Aguirre since 1959.

In the cup it's blackberry with a raisin and grape sweetness. Smooth bittersweet cocoa highlights as it cools.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

India Poabs - Organic Seethargundu Estate

When the Poabs Gruop took over in 1989, the Seethargundu estate was in a derelict condition, existing in an abandoned state for 16 years. They go beyond what's necessary for Organic certification, they believe in diversity and not mono-cropping, so they have tea, cardamom, all types of pepper, a dairy, a fish farm, poultry, biodynamic herbs and extensive composting. Today, it is one of only 2 Demeter Biodynamic certified coffee farms in the world.

In the cup it's a complex array of aromatic spices - cardamom, cinnamon, sage, cumin... and more! A deep resonant sweetness combines with a sensual mouthfeel for a pleasurable cup.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Espresso: Skyscraper

New espresso On Tap and available Whole Bean today is Skyscraper espresso!

This espresso is a three bean blend with the heart of it being a wonderful Bourbon offering from La Montanita in El Salvador. A sweet Guatemala from Finca Cabrejo and a wonderful northern Sumatra from the Gayo mountains finishes this blend. All coffees are roasted separately and post-blended to maximize complexity.

In the cup it's grape, berry, and just a touch of peach aromatics immediately climb into your senses. They all follow into the cup with a light caramelized sugar sweetness.

Monday, January 30, 2012

El Salvador Finca La Montanita - Bourbon

Fresh out of the roaster, and on the siphon - El Salvador Finca La Montanita - Bourbon.

La Montanita is a small farm located in the Alotepec Mountains. It has been passed down through the Aguilar family. Their detailed, hands=on approach has produced an amazing coffee that has placed in the top 3 in the Cup of Excellence multiple times.

In the cup it's plum, grape, and winey berry notes with a dark, caramelized sugar sweetness. That's a Bourbon! Simply outstanding.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Costa Rica - Finca Bella Vista

Fresh out of the roaster, and Whole Bean Available at caffe d'bolla: Costa Rica - Finca Bella vista.

Finca Bella Vista is a Cup of Excellence award winning farm in the area of Leon Cortez de Tarrazu. Bella Vista sits at 1800 meters, the peak of a larger farm La Loma that resides on a mountain. The farm is owned by the Bonilla-Solis family, as is the Don Mayo mill that is run by Hector and Pablo Bonilla. The Bonillas own their own cherry production, and manage quality from tree through processing. This is an exceptional farm.

In the cup it's sweet and bright citrus notes with red apple and a date and fig sweetness. Jasmine and bergamot as it cools.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Espresso: Kumadori

Looks like Mr. Frosty #3 espresso is running low, and we're about to start using Kumadori espresso!

Kumadori espresso.

This is a distinctively expressive espresso. Sumatra Gayo Mandheling roasted to two separate profiles,both are post-blended with a Dos Payasos Colombia Tolima, and a specatacular offering from Garrido Estate in Panama.

In the cup it's black plum and bergamot, with almond, cocoa, and cinnamon highlights. A dark muscavado sugar sweetness pulls everything together. A must-have espresso.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Espresso: Just Like Paradise

Fresh out of the roaster, and available Whole Bean right now at caffe d'bolla, is Just Like Paradise espresso!

This espresso was roasted exclusively for our home users. It is a two bean blend with the base flavors coming from a Sumatra Gayo Mandheling and all adventurous aromatics and tasty nuances from Finca La Folie, an award winning farm in Guatemala.

In the cup it's sweet floral and berry aromatics that descend into the cup with prominent plum and blackberry flavors. Tangy plum-raisin finish.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rwanda Kibuye Gitesi

On the Siphon right now we have Rwanda Kibuye Gitesi.

Gitesi is located in a beautiful area in Rwanda at 1740 meters. It was started in 2005 and continues to grow in size each year. Currently, 1,830 farmers contribute their coffee cherries to Gitesi. They are paid an additional dividend based on their performance for the season. This fosters a great relationship which produces better coffee and better wages.

In the cup it's Mandarin orange, apricot, and hints of floral with a pure clean sweetness. As it cools, a honey clover essence emerges with lingering floral and sweet citrus notes. Amazing!

Monday, January 16, 2012

El Salvador Finca Matalapa - Naranjo

On the Siphon and also available Whole Bean today we have El Salvador Finca Matalapa - Naranjo!

Finca Matalapa is a 4th generation family farm founded in the late 1800s by Fidelia Lima. The farm covers 14 acres of beautifully managed coffee shrubs with nearly 40 varieties of trees providing shade. Everything on the farm is a result of their passion, and it shines through in the cup.

In the cup it's almond and hazelnut with orange peel and praline sweetness with hints of plum and sweet lemongrass. Matalapa delivers again! Spectacular!

OPEN on MLK jr day

In case you're wondering... we're OPEN today!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Espresso - Two-Sided Triangle

The espresso On Tap and also Available Whole Bean right now at caffe d'bolla is Two-Sided Triangle!

This two-bean espresso mysteriously delivers more flavor than three beans. First up is a remarkable coffee from the Naranjo Tablon inside the famed family-owned Finca Matalapa in El Salvador. It has been paired with an Ethiopian Harrar Longberry. Both coffees were roasted separately to different profiles, and then post-blended to create more complexity in the cup.

In the cup it's plum, hazelnut and almond with honey-molasses sweetness, dried mango highlights and a bright stone-fruit finish.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo

Just roasted: Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo.

This small farm is still in the process of undergoing renovation. You will find it as you descend into the picturesque town of Antigua on the road from Guatemala City, the entrance to the home of Agustin Fashen, and the gateway to the lower part of Finca Cabrejo is marked by a small sign on an old brick wall which reads "Cabrejo." The farm spans a wide range, from 1,585 0 1,920 meters, and the trees seem to be in various stages of care, various types, various ages. The coffee is remarkable and we look forward to the future crops the renovations bring....

In the cup it has a pleasant caramelized sugar sweetness, with praline, apple, and hints of berry.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Espresso - Eight-Handed Tiger

Currently On Tap, and also available Whole Bean at caffe d'bolla: Eight-Handed Tiger espresso!

This espresso leaps from the cup and pounces on your tastebuds with beauty, ferocity and precision. An amazing Guatemala from Finca La Folie in Huehuetenango anchors this blend, and incorporates the sensational flavors and aromatics from an Ethiopia Harrar Longberry, and a regional, hand-picked offering from Sumatra Gayo Mandheling.

In the cup it's blood orange, caramelized sugar, and tamarind with floral aromatics and a black cherry finish. Wowza-riffic!