Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Peru Puno Quispe

Just bagged! Peru Puno Quispe.

You have to look hard in San Juan del Oro to uncover coffee treasure, ut when you find the Quispe family, you will have succeeded. This particular lot is a combination lot produced  by Edwin Llacta Quispe and Cosme Para Quispe. Their small farms are located at 1900 masl and planted with Typica. They manually process coffee beans using hand-crank machines, and ferment in small, concrete tanks for roughly 12 hours before washing in those same tanks. Coffee is sun-dried on patios.

In the cup it's raisin, grape, and berries with brown sugar sweetness and rounded black tea in the finish. Wow!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

El Salvador Majahual - La Montana

Fresh out of the roaster and available Whole Bean at caffe d'bolla right now - El Salvador Majahual - La Montana.

This is 100% Bourbon coming from 60 to 80 year old trees! These trees have retained production from branches at all levels due to the knowledge the locals have gained about farming methods. This proves the long-term value and continuous production that can be gained from traditional techniques vs. hybrids that fail after 10 years.

In the cup it's almond, cocoa, and semi-sweet chocolate with a raw sugar-caramel sweetness. Creamy mouthfeel. Classic.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bolivia Caranavi - Uchumachi

Roasted and ready at caffe d'bolla today: Bolivia Caranavi - Uchumachi.

This lot is from Uchumachi, north of Caranavi. Most of the production in the area is newer growth Caturra above 1,800 masl., and Typica consistent with the region. The mill is run by Pedro Rodriguez and his son Pablo, who have proven skilled at sourcing excellent coffees. Taxis are hired to transport the ripe cherry through the mountainous roads to the mill. An ingenious operation!

In the cup it's walnut, chocolate, toasted coconut, and hints of snappy orange. Yum. Yum.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Peru Puno - Lot #33

John's been roasting pretty much everyday to keep our shelves filled. One of the Single Origin coffees that's currently available Whole Bean and also On Siphon at caffe d'bolla is Peru Puno - Lot #33.

This coffee is from a group of tiny smallholder farmers. They are processing their own fruit manually, fermenting and washing in small tanks, and then taking their parchment down the mountain to drying patios owned by the cooperative. This is a blend of high-scoring selections made from lots designated #11, #15, #24, #31, #33. Our buyer instructed the blending of these lots based on region and flavor-pofile.

In the cup it's red berries and plum with hints of walnut and buttery cocoa. A clean and tongue tingling cup.