Monday, June 24, 2013

Ethiopia Illubabor - Camp Cooperative

Fresh out of the roaster, available Whole Bean and also On Siphon: Ethiopia Illubabor - Camp Cooperative.

Camp is in the Illubabor district of western Ethiopia. This lot is part of a continuing initiative our buyer has in Ethiopia to work direct at the coop level. The program coordinates agronomists, and business advisers which helps the cooperative manage their debt, re-invest in quality improvements at the mill, and verifies distribution of income to all members.

In the cup it's jammy peach and sweet floral notes with almond, cocoa, and cane sugar sweetness.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Java Sunda Mayang

Fresh out of the roaster we have Java Sunda Mayang.

Mayang is the project name for coffee from the area of Ciwidey. This is part of the continuing ambitious project in Western Java - to build an outpost in the oldest coffee growing region in Java, work with the local farmers, and wet-process the coffee in tiny batches to high standards. This current lot was rigorously hand sorted with local labor from the community. It drove up the cost of coffee, but resulted in a better cup, and is the spirit of this project to improve coffee and community in the area!

This is distinctive in flavor from all over Java coffee. All Java coffee sold in the U.S. is from Eastern Java.

In the cup it's jammy stone fruit notes with hints of hazelnut and a caramel-butter sweetness. Tannic fruit tea notes as it cools. An exceptional coffee.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rwanda Kanzu Bourbon

John's been roasting coffee all day! One of the coffees that just got bagged and ready is Rwanda Kanzu Bourbon.

This 100% Bourbon comes from Kanzu - in the Southwestern portion of Lake Kivu. Coffee cherry is brought down to this station from hundreds of small farmers. Depulping is done by using disc depulpers, and then the beans are fermented for about 24 hours and washed in long channels. After soaking, the coffee is laid out to dry on raised beds, which facilitate airflow and ultimately allows for moisture to dissipate efficently.

In the cup it's plum, black currant and raisin with a red honey and hint of brown sugar sweetness. Bourbonified goodness!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guatemala Volcan de Fuego Guacatepeque

Roasted and Ready! Guatemala Volcan de Fuego Guacatepeque.

Guacatepeque is an ancient local name for the are this coffee comes from, a group of small coffee producers in the Alotenango area. The soil in the are is unique, and contains quite a lot of sand and ash from Fuego. Much of the area is forest preserve, which protects the water supply, as well as providing the much needed organic soil inputs. This lot was chosen through daily cuppings by our buyer, until they reached a specific flavor profile.

In the cup it's toasted hazelnut and orange notes with buttered toffee and caramelized sugar sweetness.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Burundi Kirimiro Teka

Three new siphon coffees are introduced at caffe d'bolla today! The first one is Burundi Kirimiro Teka, and it's also available Whole Bean right now.

Teka is situated at a dizzying 1938 meters, and is the highest elevation washing station in Burundi. Teka has access to very clean water due to their altitude and proximity to a forest preserve, which aids in their traditional Burundi style double fermented coffee processing. In a survey of all the cooperatives, Teka was ranked as one of the top 5 stations in Burundi based on Coop management, ecology and coffee quality.

In the cup it's creme caramel and black cherry with floral notes and apple acidity. Tremendous!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Sumatra Lake Toba - Samosir Island

Roasted and Ready! Sumatra lake Toba - Samosir Island.

This coffee is from a distinctly unique origin; the volcanic island in the middle of massive Lake Toba, adjacent to the Lintong highlands of Sumatra. Being located on the island of Sumatra, Samosir is the largest "island within an island" in the world. This is a microlot of coffee only from small producers on the island.

In the cup it's dense and syrupy melon notes with bittersweet chocolate and dark caramel and raw sugar background. Intense!