Friday, January 25, 2008

Roaster's Choice 012508
Colombia Choco El Carmen del Atrato

This micro-lot is from the "state" (department) of Choco in Colombia. Choco is next to the coffee-producing department of Antioquia, in the northern most section, sharing a border with Panama. It also lies on the far eastern boundry where the famed El Carmen lies.

This is an elegant and well-rounded coffee. In the cup it is reminiscent of a Kenyan with traces of layered fruit and black currant, but without the brightness associated with the East African coffees. A clean honey-like sweetness in the finish gives the cup a clean and pleasant reminder of the complexity that can be found in an exceptional micro-lot.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Door and Windows!

We've had our big glass door and windows installed on the new roasting room, and we're loving it!


Friday, January 18, 2008

thank you!

Maranda from No More Homeless Pets in Utah came to the caffe and picked up the donations and gifts for the homeless pets today. She was really excited and happy to see how generous our friends had been. We collected a lot of food, blankets, toys, and treats for the animals this holiday season. We were also able to get some cash donations that all went to help spay and neuter the shelter animals as well. Thank you!

angel tree for homeless pets
These are just some of the gifts you brought!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Roaster's Choice 011608 Papua New Guinea
Kimel Plantation Peaberry

This is a mid-harvest lot from the Kimel Plantation, one of only two available peaberry lots. Unlike the Organic farms, the plantations contain their own milling stations and are able to better control the cup quality which brings out a remarkable flavor and vibrancy not available in the PNG Organic offerings.

The cup is initially a rounded honey sweetness with malted chocolate and a zesty orange finish. As the cup cools the complexity begins to reveal itself in an array of flavorful spice - cinnamon, sassafras, and sandalwood with black tea aspects lingering in the finish of a slow and satisfying cup.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Roaster's Choice 011008 Honduras San Marcos COCOSAM Coop

This lot is produced by a co-op called COCOSAM (Cooperativa Cafetelera Sanmarquena) from the southwestern corner of Honduras.

In the cup is a smooth, silky almond flavor with a hint of red apple brightness intertwined with the soft flavors of a traditional Central American cup. A semi-sweet cocoa rounds out the cup giving it a satisfying finish.