Saturday, November 01, 2003

Yemen Mokha Mattari

This is one of my favorite coffees. It has been difficult to find a good lot in the past couple of years, but this one is a remarkable find.

This comes from pure Heirloom Yemen seedstock from the Bani Mattar region.
In the cup it is red winey fruit, tobacco spice, bittersweet chocolate, and a satisfying earthy quality that completes the cup. It is remarkable fragrant and balanced and is a welcome treasure.

This coffee is available fresh roasted by the pound at the caffe.

Colombia Huila Concurso San Pedro

This coffee is from the Guadalupe area of Huila. It is the winner of the Guadalupe Municipal Competition, Saint Peter Competition. This competition was put on by the local area in order to foster competition and quality among the farmers. The top prize was a new coffee pulper!

This coffee has an exceptionally thick and creamy body, with raisin and plum notes and intermittent clove and apple-spice flavors as it cools.

This coffee is available fresh roasted by the pound at the caffe.

Guatemala Oriente - Dry Process

This coffee was such a unique offering, I couldn't pass on it.
This is a full natural sun-dried coffee from Guatemala. In this case, the ripe coffee cherries are laid out on a patio to sun dry. The juicy fruit dries somewhat like a raisin, or dried cranberry, and surrounds the inner seed with sweet juicyness. This helps to impart a greater depth of wonderful flavor into the coffee "bean".

At a mid-level roast this is a dark chocolate fruit explosion. Red wine and fruity aromatics translate to the cup, and hides within a bed of chocolate.

This is unlike any Guatemala coffee you have ever had.

Available fresh roasted by the pound at the caffe.

El Salvador Orange Bourbon

This coffee comes from El Molino de Santa Rita and is a spontaneous mutation which gives the ripened coffee cherries their orange color.

This is a new take on your typical Central American coffee. This wet-processed coffee is the perfect balance between orange sweetness and a classic bittersweet chocolate Bourbon (bore-bone) to complete the cup.

This coffee is available fresh roasted by the pound at the caffe!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Hario Beam Heater Pre Order List


A productive meeting with Hario has given us the opportunity to offer the Hario Beam Heater to a much wider audience. We would like to get a list of those who are seriously interested so we can determine our initial order.
If you are interested, Please email us at caffedbolla AT gmail DOT com.

The Beam Heater is 350 Watt, 100 V, 50/60 Hz. It is not required, but we recommend that you purchase a US/Japan Step Down Transformer to extend the life of the bulb. We have used our Beam Heater with the transformer daily since early 2008, and haven't had to replace a single bulb yet.

Right now total cost, including shipping to anywhere in the US would be $465, and a box of three would be $1350.00. Costs will lower if the exchange rate improves. If we have substantial interest we can negotiate an even better rate and save on shipping costs as well. All savings will be passed on to you, our wonderful coffee customers.

Final Pricing will be confirmed and all interested will be kept up to date.