Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Colombia Narino Buesaco

Another delicious Colombian coffee is fresh out of the roaster! Colombia Narino Buesaco.

The small town of Buesaco is on the Pacific Coast side of Colombia in the greater Department of Narino. This is a very unique part of Colombia in that coffee can be grown at extremely high altitudes due to the proximity of the equatorial climate. This particular lot is made up from a few small-holders in the area, all producing coffee on less than 2 hectares each.

In the cup it's apple juice and creamy caramel with a smooth cocoa finish. Yummy!

Friday, May 09, 2014

Colombia Familia Guerra - Gallineta

Oh we really should be blogging more! It's been quite busy at the shop, and with the baby with us all the time it's sometimes hard to sit down even for a minute.

With that said, we do try to keep everyone updated with what's going on at the caffe on Facebook, so be sure to Like us on our page and read up on what's coming out of the roaster, new espresso on tap, and fun photos, etc..

Anyhow, one of the coffees that just came out of the roaster is Colombia Familia Guerra - Gallineta.

This is a 3rd generation family farm in the central area of Colombia. Their farm is large, so they have the areas divided into separate plots to control each lot of coffee they offer. This coffee (Gallineta) comes from the plateau on Plot #10.

In the cup it's candied fruit nectar with a buttery caramel and honey sweetness in the background.

Don't forget to pick up a bag for your weekend brewing!