Monday, March 31, 2008

SHOP caffe d'bolla -- Online Store

Our online store is up and running!

There may be a few minor bugs here and there. Please be patient as we continue to update more products and merchandise. The coffee and tea selections may change often depending on current stock, and what crop is coming in.

As of now all payments are secure through PayPal, and Credit Card processing will be added in the very near future.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

*Real* Online store coming soon!

While we have had a lot of requests for coffee, which spawned the necessity of an online store, it's been a longer than expected challenge. The Ebay store was a temporary (thankfully) fix, and I'll soon have something that's easy and reliable with all of our offerings.

Thanks for your patience.

Roaster's Choice 032208
El Salvador San Emilio Estate

This 100% natural processed Bourbon hails from the Northernmost area of El Salvador. It is a SHB (strictly hard bean) and it's density translates to the cup. Whether roasted to City+ or a Full City Roast, this coffee is sweetness in the cup.

A naturally syrupy body with nut and balanced fruit tones layered within a mild bittersweet chocolate. Darker roasts accentuate the bittersweet chocolate tones, while a lighter roast will present a greater balance between bright and bittersweet.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Roaster's Choice 031108
Ethiopia Sidamo DP Special Process

This coffee, from the Fero Cooperative, begins by picking only the ripe, red, cherries. It is quickly screen-dried on raised beds and carefully hand sorted.

In the cup it's full of intense fruit, rich aromatic spices, and a bittersweet note throughout the ever changing cup. The flavors may vary from cup to cup, but the joy and complexity of this Sidamo is worth the adventure.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Coffee in E Flat!

As many of you already know, Peter Rosen with KUTV came and interviewed us about the Mountain Regional Barista Competition. Here's the story:

No, we didn't win, but we did learn a lot about the La Marzocco GB5 and the effect of the altitude on the beans. We'll be at next year's competition for sure!

Congratulations to our champion Jon Lewis! He totally deserved it!

Killer B espresso

Caffe d'bolla introduces a new espresso.

Three distinctly different Brazilian coffee roasted at three different levels.
Complex chocolate, nut, and spice, with a hint of cherry in the cup.

Wonderful in cappuccino.

Roaster's Choice 030208
Papua New Guinea Peaberry Kimel Plantation

This is a mid-harvest lot from the Kimel Plantation, one of only two available peaberry lots. Unlike the Organic farms, the plantations contain their own milling stations and are able to better control the cup quality which brings out a remarkable flavor and vibrancy not available in the PNG Organic offerings.

The cup is initially a rounded honey sweetness with malted chocolate and a zesty orange finish. As the cup cools the complexity begins to reveal itself in an array of flavorful spice - cinnamon, sassafras, and sandalwood with black tea aspects lingering in the finish of a slow and satisfying cup.