Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Twice to Mars

NEW ESPRESSO! Twice to Mars: caramel, plum, cherry. Delicious. Only at caffe d'bolla.

NEW ESPRESSO - Twice to Mars: caramel, plum, cherry. Delicious. Only at caffe d'bolla!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

These Beautiful Beans

Yiching Says --

When you need fresh and delicious Single Origin coffee beans, get them at caffe d'bolla! John roasts the top quality in-season greens multiple times a week (ok he seems to be constantly roasting, if you ask me) with roast precision, so you can always get the best beans available.

Selections are constantly changing, so when you see the ones you like, pick 'em up right away! You may not see them again for another year. Come by the shop to see what's roasting and being put up on-shelf, and you can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, to see our day-to-day posts and to interact with either John or myself.

Here are pics of a few Single Origin coffees we recently offered. Stop by and check out what we have in store for you today!

Fresh from the roaster, Guatemala Finca Rosma. Plum. Grape. Apple. Caramel. #caffedbolla #slc #singleorigin #coffeeroasting #coffeebeans
Guatemala Finca Rosma.

Lots of coffee roasting going on! Delicious Single Origin beans ready for you to pick up this week. Get yours today! #caffedbolla #singleorigin #coffeebeans #slc #coffee #roaster

Ethiopia Kaffa Michiti Coop. Come and get it! #caffedbolla #slc #singleorigin #coffeeroasting #coffeebeans #ethiopiancoffee
Ethiopia Kaffa Michiti Coop.

NEW! Sumatra Gunung Gayo - Wet Processed. Roasted and ready for you.  Get 'em today! #singleorigin #coffeebeans #slc #coffee #caffedbolla #roaster
Sumatra Gunung Gayo - wet processed.

Another batch of Costa Rica La Union Yellow Honey just came out of the roaster. Come get it! #singleorigin #coffeebeans #caffedbolla #slc #coffee #roaster
Costa Rica La Union Yellow Honey.

Come get your beans and talk coffee! :)