Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ethiopia - Pulp Natural Limu

Yiching says --

Just realized we haven't been blogging much... Note To Self: MUST do so more frequently!


Fresh out of the roaster at caffe d'bolla: Ethiopia - Pulp Natural Limu. 

This is a very clean tasting pulp natural process Limu area coffee from the mysteriously-named Helen Gebrenigus exporter. With a pulp natural, the cherry comes in from the farms and is pulped (skin removed) immediately. It is then laid directly onto raised beds. It must be distributed in a thin layer and turned often, especially in the initial days of drying. This coffee was from a private farm and then traded through the ECX. 

In the cup it's peach, mango, apricot up front, with a honey sweetness and coriander and lemongrass highlights. Yum!

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